Germano Serafini was born in Rome in 1975, the city where he lives and works. 
Photography is his main medium of expression, with which his research goes beyond the representative function of the instrument itself, generating an aesthetic-formal language that conveys concepts, ideas and visions.

Nature in its entirety is the main protagonist of his shots, inspiring and an example to follow.
His researches delve into the purity of the unconditional natural order, and stand at the dividing line between the visible and the invisible. Germano Serafini Biography Visual Arts

He mainly works with film in various formats. For black and white he uses the dark room.
The photographic matrix is also on the base of his Land Art, installation and performance works.

Permanent collections:
Palazzo Collicola Arti Visive – Spoleto | Museo Provinciale MAM – Cosenza | MAAM – Rome | Casa degli Artisti – Furlo.

Exhibitions in institutional spaces:
Sala del Bramante – Rome | Centre Culturel Saint Louis De France – Rome | Temple University – Rome | MLAC Museo dell’Università La Sapienza – Rome | Fabbrica Borroni – Milan | Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa – Venice | Complesso Monumentale del Belvedere di San Leucio – Caserta | Palazzo Collicola – Spoleto.

He took part in various residencies including BridgeArt in Sicily, BocsArt Cosenza (IT) and NKDNordic Artists’ Centre Dale in Norway.

From 2014 to the present, together with a group of Roman artists, he founded and managed Spazio Y, an experimental exhibition space in the Quadraro district in Rome. Germano Serafini Biography Visual Arts

In 2018 he began a collaboration with the artist Marco Victor Romano with the duo Romano|Serafini.