Artist in residence at NKD Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale. Norway

1/31 October 2018
Invited in “Artist in residence” program at NKD Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale. Norway
NKD is an Artist-in-Residence centre funded by Norwegian Ministry Of Culture. The A-I-R program encourages international contacts for artists and focuses on visual arts including design, architecture and locally rooted practice. Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale is situated in the village of Dale, the administrative centre of the Fjaler municipality on the West Coast of Norway.
NKD offers artists an opportunity to contemplate, concentrate and work. Presenting invited artists to inspiring living and working conditions, NKD strives to contribute to innovative artwork. The visiting artists from around the globe create an international spirit, and it is NKD’s objective to strengthen and further artistic cooperation in the Nordic area and internationally.
Work in progress: INNER NATURE (Germano Serafini)
October 2018 – Dale. Norway

Cover photo credit: © Nordic Artists’ Center Dale 2018