Germano Serafini was born in Rome in 1975. He received a scientific education with an approach to architecture. Photography has been his way of expressing himself since he was a teenager. His pictures are the result of experience acquired over the years in reportages, still-life, and architecture and stage photography, with a special focus on social aspects.
Nature is the main protagonist of his shots, an inspiration and an example to follow. In his research, the language of photography, even before the depiction of reality, focuses on shapes and colours of reality with a formal balance generated by the careful choice of light and perspective, more often decided in real time.
Photography is also the basis of his land art, installations, and performing art.

Germano works mainly on film in various formats, reducing post-production as much as possible. He uses dark room for black and white.
Several of his works are in permanent exhibitions in Italy: one work at Palazzo Collicola Visual Arts in Spoleto in the section “Satellite Collicola”; one work in Calabria at the Diocesan Museum of Cosenza; three works at the MAAM – Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere of Metropoliz città_meticcia in Rome; and three installations at the House of Artists in the Furlo Natural Reserve (Pesaro Urbino).
Germano’s works have been exhibited in many prestigious places: in Rome at Sala del Bramante; the Centre Culturel Saint Louis De France; Temple University; MLAC Museum of La Sapienza University, Rome; in Milan, at Fabbrica Borroni; in Venice at Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa; in Caserta at the Belvedere Monumental Complex of San Leucio; in Spoleto, in the aforementioned Palace Collicola.
In November 2014, with other artists, he founded and still manages SPAZIO Y, an experimental exhibition hall in the Quadraro district in Rome.